Save Money in the Meat Deli Department

Deli Department DisplayDeli departments are fast becoming the focal point of popular grocery stores and marketplaces.

Whether its picking up a fresh salad to bring to a picnic, grabbing a lunch on the go, or buying the perfect platter to bring to a party, deli departments are often the reason that customers visit one food retailer over another.

When it comes to the merchandising of deli showcases deli department managers recognize the appeal of a well-stocked and artfully presented display case. Retail tools like Promolux lights ensure that all deli foods remain fresh and delicious epitomizing the quality and selection shoppers expect. Delicatessan foods are carefully prepared with the best ingredients; the selection marries common staples with exotic tastes; and the presentation is final touch to a mouthwatering delivery.

Don't let your merchandiser display cabinets become the weak link in your merchandising program by lighting with inferior lamps that have hot spots and initiate photo oxidation.

Save your Delicatessan Items with the Proper Lighting from PromoluxPoor Lighting May be Compromising Valuable Delicatessan Items

However, one important ingredient may be missing from your department. How much thought has gone into selecting the type of bulb used to illuminate your deli display cases? This small and often overlooked detail may be costing your deli department and compromising your customer satisfaction.

It has been scientifically proven that traditional fluorescent bulbs contribute to product shrinkage, discoloration and premature spoilage.

The spectral radiation emitted by generic fluorescent bulbs is associated with surface drying and tanning of deli items in addition to the temperature fluctuations of the product and internal case which are significant risk factors for perishable deli products. Chemical changes in food and temperature variations are the begining of bacteria growth and lost product integrity, a major concern among shoppers.

Promolux lights filter out over 86% of damaging radiation and protects sensitive deli salads, cheeses and meats for a longer period. When you install Promolux lights in your deli showcases and deli service counters, you'll not only see a difference in merchandising but a difference in product shelf life.

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