About Deli Meat Case

PROMOLUX lights are balanced spectrum low radiation lights designed to showcase merchandise in the most appealing light.

Cheese Deli Display LightingBy using a proprietary blend of phosphors and coatings, PROMOLUX also reduces the effects of lighting upon food displays which can be damaging over time.

Many deli retailers across North America are using regular fluorescent lighting in their display cases. Generic fluorescent lights are designed to provide strong ambient light and it is often at the sacrifice of color and product integrity.

Most fluorescents bathe a deli showcase in yellow or green spectrums as the yellow and green spectrum have the highest illuminesce (brightness) however, this detracts from the products natural vibrant colors.

Not only do standard lights make the products look unappealing; they emit high levels of UV radiation, particularly in the UV-A and UV-B range. These emissions can act to increase the surface temperature of food, which leads to accelerated spoilage, and can increase the rate of discoloration, moisture loss, off-flavouring and the emission of odors.

PROMOLUX lights are used by deli store owners who want to add visual “WOW” to their deli displays and also reduce product shrinkage rates that were caused by regular fluorescent lights.

"Purchasing the Promolux lamps has been very beneficial for our business. The lights in the deli case have improved our display and extended shelflife on all products which means less waste and an increase in sales."

Ned Ryan
Store Owner,
IGA Boonah, Boonah Qld